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Perfect Chef Organic Jalapeno Mustard 350ml



Perfect Chef Organic Jalapeno Mustard 350ml. Suitable for phase 1 and 2.

  • This pungent mustard will give some tang to any meal. Rather spicy!
  • Perfect with burgers, hotdogs, veggie cretons, roasted meats or veggies, pasta, in sandwiches, fondue dips, dressings…
  • Certified Organic with All-Natural, GMO-Free and Simple Ingredients
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free so We Can All Enjoy
  • Proudly Made in Canada in Small Batches to Ensure the Best of Quality
  • Keto Friendly

INGREDIENTS: Organic Yellow Mustard, Organic White Vinegar, Organic Jalapeño Peppers, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum.


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Nutritional Information

Serving Size 1 tsp (5ml)
Calories 0
Total Fat (g) 0
Unsaturated Fat (g) 0
Saturated Fat (g) 0
Trans Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 70
Total Carbohydrates (g) 0
Sugar (g) 0
Starch (g) 0
Fibre (g) 0
Sugar Alcohols (g) 0
Net Carbs (g) 0
Protein (g) 0
Phase 1 Serving Size 1-2 tsp
Phase 2 Serving Size 1-2 tsp


Additional information

Weight 0.6666 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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