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Dr. Tarman’s Food Junkies Book


The truth about food addiction " Food Junkies " by Dr. Vera Tarman.

Overeating, binge eating, obesity, anorexia and bulimia : " Food Junkies " : The truth about food addiction tackles all of these in discussing the complex, poorly understood issue of food addiction from the preservatives of a medical practitioner and dozens of survivors. What exactly is food addiction ? Is it possible to draw a hard line between indulging cravings for "comfort food " and engaging in substance abuse ? For people struggling with food addictions, recognizing their condition – to say nothing of gaining support and advice remains a frustrating battle.

Built around medical science and the experience of the people suffering and recovering from food addiction, " Food Junkies " offer practical information on how to beat food addiction. It offers a knowledgeable and friendly guide to the goal of food serenity.

Dr. Vera Tarman is medical practitioner with a speciality in addiction medicine. She id medical director of renascent, in addictions treatment centre. In workshop and speaking engagement around the world, Dr. Tarman teaches about the science of food addiction and " comfort food " abuse. She lives in Toronto.

Philip Werdell is the primary organizer of the Food Addiction Institute and the International Society of Food Addiction Professionals, and is director of ACORN’S Professional Training Program. He lives in Florida.

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